Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Photo Outtakes

I was on a mission today to get one very specific to-do checked off my list, and that was Christmas Cards!! I took some pictures of Alli today just so I could get them done and was killing me. Usually I've got them all done by now.
 The only way Little Miss would oblige to my request is if she had some white powdered doughnuts beforehand, so you may notice a little powder on her face in some pics =) She was being so silly during it- mostly because I was acting like a crazy lady, but you know how it do what you gotta do to get some decent do-it-yourself pictures right? These are some that I didn't use for our actual card, but they make me laugh. 

She's a sweet lil' thang isn't she?

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year for Thanksgiving we were originally planning to go to Richfield, however, my Mom got Shingles!! Can you even believe that?! Of all times, it has to be around a holiday, so sad! Apparently, it's pretty dangerous for pregnant women and little babies to be around somebody with shingles, so sadly both my sister and I had to make other plans. We of course, ended up going down to Cedar City to spend Thanksgiving with Josh's family. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see them all. I didn't take many pictures this trip, I've been a major slacker in the picture department, but here are the few we took.

Almost all the kiddos ready to eat their Turkey dinners!

I had fun holding the babies =)

Alli loved this little tent. She watched a movie in it with all her stuffed animal friends one night.

On Thursday night I went to Walmart for the Black Friday. I got everything I wanted, but I was only looking for 2 things so it was pretty easy. I was in and out pretty fast. It was a crazy town in there! Then I went home and bought some stuff online. The next day, Sarah and I met Lindsay and JoAnne in St. George to do a little more shopping. 

Josh went Chukar hunting with his Dad one morning and then his brothers another day. Alli's new favorite word is "Chukar." Every time she sees a bird she says, "Look, there's a chukar!"

We had a good Thanksgiving, and have so much to be Thankful for- especially our good families and for our own little family. I love this little quote...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Josh & Alli were outside raking the leaves in the front yard, and of course Alli just had to jump in them! She's been asking us to jump in them for like a week, so I'm glad she did. 
I didn't see her in action, but from these pics that Josh took, it looks like she had a blast!

 This one cracks me up

As you can see, she got really into it!!! Jumping in leaves never looked so fun right?!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been busy doing a lot of stuff, but if you ask me what I couldn't tell ya exactly
I can't wait to see Twilight tomorrow
I went to the new H&M and it has a lot of cute stuff, I could spend a small fortune in there
I always want chocolate
I can't believe Regis is retired
Can't believe the Nordstrom in Orem in closing
My brain is very forgetful and scattered right now- I'll blame it on the pregnancy or just this time of year? 
I get really tired really early
I'm doing projects in 3 different rooms and it's making me a tiny bit crazy 
Love rice crispie treats right now
Love to watch movies on the couch with my hubby, but I hardly ever stay awake for the whole thing
Love my husband
Can't wait to hunker down in my house with the new baby & be a home-body for a bit
Can't wait for my Mom's Thanksgiving Dinner
I still love wall vinyl
Alli recently loves to entertain herself on coloring and playing games
Love how Alli draws a picture of me and then also draws a little baby in my tummy too
Love Ross when there is good stuff there
Ikea has the best ice ever

Friday, November 11, 2011


I just had to post something today because it's 11.11.11, and 11 is one of my favorite numbers! Plus, it's going to be a good night because I'm going to be making THIS delicious stuff. It's also a good day because H&M opened up here in Salt Lake City at the Fashion Place Mall, but I totally missed it. Ah well, it's probably a good thing because it was probably so dang busy, I'll wait until it dies down a little bit.

Happy Friday and Happy 11.11.11! I will for sure be making a wish at 11:11 tonight =)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend in Cedar

Last weekend we went down to Cedar for Josh's sister's baby blessing. It was so fun to go down- we hadn't been down in a long time it seems like. Alli had fun seeing all her cousins and even had a sleep over at Peyton's house! 

We went to lunch at Pizza Factory and then Josh and I went to see Footloose and I LOVED it!

Here is our newest cousin/niece, Madeline Kate Nielson. She is so cute- I loved holding her and can't wait to cuddle on my own baby girl here shortly!