Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Photo Outtakes

I was on a mission today to get one very specific to-do checked off my list, and that was Christmas Cards!! I took some pictures of Alli today just so I could get them done and was killing me. Usually I've got them all done by now.
 The only way Little Miss would oblige to my request is if she had some white powdered doughnuts beforehand, so you may notice a little powder on her face in some pics =) She was being so silly during it- mostly because I was acting like a crazy lady, but you know how it do what you gotta do to get some decent do-it-yourself pictures right? These are some that I didn't use for our actual card, but they make me laugh. 

She's a sweet lil' thang isn't she?


Kesley said...

She is darling! And those pictures are adorable. I love them! :)

Scott and Megan said...

Oh man she is so cute. How can she get any cuter? I LOVE he outtakes! The four pictures up along the top are too stinkin' cute!!! I also love the pictures of her playing in the leaves! She is quite the little daredevil eh? She is both you and Josh! I can't wait to see what this next little girl is like! Have you decided on a name? Last we talked it was kind of between two...I'm sure things have changed! LOL. I'm glad to hear you hit up H&M I am wanting to stop by but I am afraid of the crowds!:)

Ryan and Amber said...

She looks so dang cute. Little poser... gotta love it.