Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been busy doing a lot of stuff, but if you ask me what I couldn't tell ya exactly
I can't wait to see Twilight tomorrow
I went to the new H&M and it has a lot of cute stuff, I could spend a small fortune in there
I always want chocolate
I can't believe Regis is retired
Can't believe the Nordstrom in Orem in closing
My brain is very forgetful and scattered right now- I'll blame it on the pregnancy or just this time of year? 
I get really tired really early
I'm doing projects in 3 different rooms and it's making me a tiny bit crazy 
Love rice crispie treats right now
Love to watch movies on the couch with my hubby, but I hardly ever stay awake for the whole thing
Love my husband
Can't wait to hunker down in my house with the new baby & be a home-body for a bit
Can't wait for my Mom's Thanksgiving Dinner
I still love wall vinyl
Alli recently loves to entertain herself on coloring and playing games
Love how Alli draws a picture of me and then also draws a little baby in my tummy too
Love Ross when there is good stuff there
Ikea has the best ice ever

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