Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dance Recital

Alli had her very first dance recital today! I don't know who was more excited...her or myself!!! I have always dreamed of putting my little girl in dance and watching her perform in recitals, and now here I am doing it! It's so fun. 
 Her class was the very first class to perform which was really nice because then she got to come sit with Josh and I and watch all the other dancers, which she absolutely loved- her eyes were glued to the stage pretty much the entire time! 
Her class was "dolls." They were supposed to look like dolls being opened on Christmas morning. They hid under big wrapped boxes and then came out from under their boxes and did there little dance, it was super cute. She remembered a lot of her steps and did so great, especially for it being her first time on a big stage. I was so proud of her! Her big year-end recital is coming in the Spring, and she is already talking about it.

Good Job Alli, you did awesome!

 Before we left, and no I did not tell her to pose...that is all her! 

And yes, that is how their make-up was supposed to be like =)

 In the rehearsal room, still doing poses!

 So excited about the flowers Daddy gave her!


Ryan and Amber said...

Sooooo Cute! I love her little eyelashes - did she get her extensions at the same place you did? Ha Ha

Brittany said...

So so so so cute!! She sounds like such a doll! I'm excited for you to have your baby! Emerson was also born on December 29! Great day! Good luck!