Friday, December 23, 2011

Tribute to Ruger

Today was a sad day, especially for Josh. His German short-hair that he's had for 11 years passed away. He had been going down hill the last few weeks and then he took a turn for the worst the last couple days and his kidneys started to fail. The vet said there wasn't much they could do, so he had to put him down today. It's so heartbreaking to see your husband cry...I think I've only seen Josh cry 3 times in the 5 years we've been married. 

Alli and I went and said goodbye to him right before they put him to sleep and she said "That makes me so sad, but he's going to see Heavenly Father and Jesus." It was so sweet.

I remember seeing Ruger for the first time, being shocked and surprised that he only had 3 legs! Of course Josh had already talked him up like no other, and had told me many stories about him! I was a little apprehensive as to how he could be such a great hunting dog with only 3 legs, but then when I went out hunting with Josh once, my outlook changed.
 He really was such a good dog! He had so much determination and personality regardless of how many legs he had =) He always gave it all he had, even up to his last days.

We'll miss you Ruger.

This is a little tribute that Josh  posted on his Facebook that totally made me cry. 

My best buddy passed away today, he got me hooked on bird dogs, made me spend endless hours in forums talking and debating about dogs and birds. He fell out of the truck as an 8 month old puppy and we had to amputate his leg, but he never knew that he was a leg behind those around him. He made feel like I knew what I was doing, made my introduction into the world of bird dogs so easy. I still remember the first bird that was shot over him, and how proud I was that my Dad and Brother were able to be there and see "my" dog and how great he was. And then right after that happened he ran off for the rest of the day chasing tweety birds with me in hot pursuit.

As I sat at work today with a nervous stomach waiting to hear from the vet about the future of my best buddy, the news I got was not what I wanted. His kidneys were beginning to fail him and there was really nothing that could be done. The last few days he had just been sleeping in his crate and could hardly walk or stand.

Ruger is responsible for a lot of the people that I consider good friends, he truly did change my life and I will forever be grateful to him. It will be hard not seeing him standing by the tailgate for me to lift him in the truck, or hear his anticipating bark when I went to feed him each night. I will miss hearing his beeper collar echo through the canyon as I stumble and slide to find him, and will miss walking up on him through the cheat grass to flush birds. I have two really nice dogs that I hope will help fill the void, but it will be tough to finish the season without him. Their lives are so short, and they give so much that until they are gone you don't realize how much they really mean to you. I will always remember you Ruger.

This is a recent picture of Josh with Woody and Ruger and some his co-workers on a Friday afternoon after work. 


Scott and Megan said...

Ash and Josh, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it is like to lose your best furry pal! I dread the day that one of our furry kids passes! I'll be thinking of you guys!

Kanabites said...

Made me cry too. Bry has lost a couple of his huntin' dogs too and both of us have cried over the loss. We feel for ya and know how hard it is. Especially those really good huntin' dogs. The others just don't compare.