Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Haven's Story

December 29th- a special day I will never forget.

We were scheduled to go get induced at the hospital bright and early at 6 am! I hardly slept the night before, and then woke up at 4:45 am to shower and get ready to go. 
We arrived at the hospital, got into our room, got my lovely hospital gown on and got my iv's hooked up. Things were moving really slowly in the beginning. The nurse got the pitocin going about 7:30 am and then had my first contraction that I could feel at about 8 am. I was dilated to a 2 or 3 for hours it seemed like.
Then I got my epidural when I was about a 4...and it was actually working- hallelujah!!! (With Alli's birth they had to put it in twice, it wasn't in correctly and partially came out of my back) I think getting the epidural is the worst part, I get so nervous beforehand. I just don't like the thought of a needle going in my spine! But this time I was totally numb- my legs were like jello. It was the weirdest feeling ever but I was so glad I was not going to be in pain the rest of the time. 
A couple more hours passed and then I was suddenly at a six...yay! Things were starting to progress, and they progressed real quick after that. Meanwhile, my doctor was supposed to come around 1 or 2 to break my water, but I guess it was a pretty hectic day at the hospital and at his office. 
A little after 4 pm and the nurse said I was fully dilated and ready to go! My water still had not broke on it's own and still no doctor...I was starting to get frustrated that he wasn't there and I started crying and geting mad ha! Next thing I knew there were 4 or 5 different people in there ready to deliver because again... no doctor. We probably would have had the baby hours sooner had my water been broken, so that's also why I was frustrated because I could have been done already!
FINALLY, doctor made it at about 4:55 pm. They put my legs up for me, I pushed once and she was out! The water still hadn't broke up to giving birth which is rare they said, but I'm actually kind of glad because I think there could have been complications if she had been in the birth canal for that long without it. I immediately started bawling of course. She was so cute and had so much hair. It's always such a relief to hear that first little cry. Josh cut the cord and then they took her over to get cleaned off. Next thing I knew she was in my arms and shortly after I got to nurse her for about 45 minutes. Be able to give birth is so amazing, and it's a moment en-grained in my mind that I will always cherish remember.
Josh and my Mom were in the room and were a huge support holding my hand, giving me pep talks, fanning me off when I was hot, moving my legs for me, they were great. 
It's a memory that I will never forget. It was a very long day and I was exhausted, but through it all I'm so thankful that she arrived safe and sound and is healthy.

 Josh is totally out numbered now with 3 girls!


Cami said...

loved reading this! sounds like everything went smoothly and she is just beautiful. hope you are feeling good ash, you sure have two cute girls now! i'd love to come by, call me when you'd love some company!!

Scottkids said...

I love Birth stories!!! Thanks for sharing!

Requel said...

Sounds familiar. I'm glad everything went well. So annoying about your Dr. I would have been frustrated too! Oh I love it and can't wait to do it again! Congrats! I can't wait to meet her!

Karen Kunzler said...

Glad her birth went well. After having Jacquelyn anyone that has to wait hours I say enjoy those hours, it is much better than a 30minute labor with NO drugs. So happy for your GROWING family. So fun. These next few days and weeks are the best!!! When I think of where you are right now it makes me think of having another, but then I quickly remember all my other kids and think twice :-)