Sunday, March 18, 2012


 Haven is has gotten so much stronger in the last week! She's always had a strong neck from day 1, but now her back and neck muscles are getting super strong. She is starting to like tummy time a little bit more now- she used to hate it!

I put together a St. Patricks Day scavenger hunt for Alli and she of course loved it. She kept telling me she thought the leprechaun came to our house while we were's a few things she got from her scavenger hunt.

Josh and I are going to watch Frozen Planet on Animal Planet tonight...yes, we are nerds like that. We like to watch these kind of shows- they are so fascinating!


Ryan and Amber said...

I totally recorded that show too. I love the Planet series. Also, Alli is cracking me up with all her little stories.... now you just gave her new material... Leprachauns! Ha Ha

Brittany said...

Haven is beautiful!! She is getting so big! Haha, Bob and I also watched Frozen Planet! Bob was glued to it! Hope you're doing well!