Monday, April 2, 2012

One Year Older & Wiser Too....

Happy Birthday to Me!!
I celebrated my birthday last Friday the 30th. It was a great day! I took a big long nap, and then we went to Market Street Grill for dinner, one of my fav's. I also got a new shirt, dress and a bike trailer, can't wait to try it out! Thank you to Josh and family and friends for the calls, cards and texts. 

I also enjoyed watching general conference, so relaxing, uplifting and inspiring!

For April Fool's, I did a couple jokes on Alli & Josh.
 I made chocolate truffles just for Alli, but they were cotton balls inside! She was not happy at all when she took one off the plate, and even started to cry! She said "I want real chocolate, why did you do that!" She LOVES chocolate just like me, so I kind of felt bad, but then we explained Aprils Fools to her and she caught on & started laughing...luckily =)
For Josh, I put blue food coloring on  his toothbrush bristles, so when he brushed his teeth it would be all blue! However, it didn't play out because he got his toothbrush wet before brushing his teeth and saw the blue in the sink...lame!


Crystal Escobar said...

Haha, that's funny about the april fools jokes :)
Happy birthday to you!!!

Ryan and Amber said...

You are sooo mean! Poor little alli pants.... ;)

Requel said...

Oh man, happy birthday! Sorry I missed it. Yes we do need to do lunch soon. Actually let's do dinner so we can leave the kids -well you can bring haven! Let's shoot for a night next week!