Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Alli got to play in the dirt and have multiple four wheeler rides and trips to the park. Haven got really spoiled being held a lot, now she thinks I need to hold her all day. 
Oh my goodness isn't that the cutest baby bum and cutest baby legs ever? Love it!

Alli & Grandpa on one of her many four-wheeler rides- this one on the "kid" wheeler.

Josh put together this huge doll house before we left and Alli was in doll house heaven!

Alli and I made a home made bird feeder. (pine cone, pb and bird seed) Your supposed to put peanut butter on the pine cone but we didn't have any so we put marshmallow creme on it =)

We also celebrated Wyatt's 7th Birthday with a "cowboy" themed party.

Outlaw Alli and the Blue Cupcake Girls (Sophia & Alli)

Alli panned for gold and found some!

We also went and visited my Grandma & Grandpa's gravesite

Oh and I watched the Bachelorette (of course) and I think Sean, Chris, Ryan & Arie are cutest so far =)  
Alessandro on the other hand was so weird and a little creepy, SO glad he's gone!
On another note, I almost have all my laundry done already- yay for me!

Haven 5 Months

Little Haven is exactly 5 months today!

* Eating baby food mixed with rice cereal/oatmeal and is liking it. So far she's had carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, squash and bananas. Has a hard time eating from the spoon though, she would rather lick it all off of her fingers 
* Loves to be held, kind of gets spoiled that way
* Loves to look and stare around at everything
* Sleeps from 8 to 8 all the way through
* Prefers to sleep on her stomach- I'll put her down on her back and then she rolls over to her stomach
* Sucks her thumb 
* Loves the bath
*Good natured

We love you little Haven!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my man's birthday!!
He is 33, getting to be an old man =) I am going to write down 33 things that I love about him, which is really not hard to do!

1. He is a great Dad
2. His excitement for life
3. Still in pretty darn good shape
4. Is a good lookin' guy
5. He's a great help around the house
6. Works hard, plays hard..and relaxes hard =)
7. Thinks about others
8. Respectful
9. Wants the best for others
10. Gives me a ton of breaks and time alone which is awesome- what Mom doesn't need that!
11. Communicates well 
12. Tells great stories, very animated
13. ADORES his little girls, so sweet to them
14. Smart
15. Great personality
16. Fun to be around
17. Spontaneous
18. Easy going
19. Gives me all reins to decorating, picking colors, etc which I love
20. Can cook up a great meal
21. Likes to learn & see new things
22. Loves to meet & chat with new people, even strangers. The guy can talk to anybody! He's got the gift of gab- perhaps that is why he's in sales =)
23. Talented
24. Loves the gospel
25. Get's Tan =)
26. Passionate outdoor lover
27. Fiercely devoted & faithful
28. Keeps in contact with friends/family
29. Always wants me to plan/do something fun for myself
30. Active- hiking, hunting, softball, golf etc
31. He loves me & understands me
32. Is a TEASER from way back
33. In his own words, he's a "lover not a hater"!

I asked Alli why she loves her Dad and this is what she said:

He takes me to big movies
He takes me to the stores
We love to dance
We go fishing
Give's me hugs

We love you sssoooo much!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hogle Zoo

We went to the Zoo Saturday and it was perfect weather- not too hot & not too cold. Little did we know it was military day at the zoo so it was a little busy, but we still had fun.

We went to the bird show which was actually pretty cool. The birds come swooping down right over your heads, and when I say right over I mean like 6 inches!

Alli said her favorite animal was the Tiger. This tiger was huge, this picture totally does not do it justice.

Haven didn't make a peep the whole day and was happy as always, especially for pretty much missing her nap. She slept for like 30 minutes and that's it....sweet little angel she is.

Oh and let me tell you the best thing that happened to me...I got crapped on by a freaking bird!!! Whatever that's disgusting!!!! We were taking a break, having a drink and I was feeding Haven right by the side of a building when all of the sudden I felt thump on my head. I knew immediately it was a bird because it wasn't raining, and sure enough I felt my hair and there was a sticky white mess in my hair. Gross!!! It wasn't too much, but still =)  I immediately got in the shower as soon as we got home.

We had a fun day at the ZOO!! 

Friday, May 18, 2012


Alli and I were bored today, so we decided to create different hair do's for our darling Haven. She cooperated perfectly! This is a little cruel but so funny! These will probably be great pictures to pull out when she's older =)

Here are the many looks we created with Haven's sweet hair!

Speaking of hair, check out how long Alli's hair is getting- She LOVES her long hair and refuses to get it cut, but we might have to cut at least a little soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Park City

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend... 
On Friday Josh surprised me with a quick spontaneous trip to Park City! We stayed at the beautiful Stein Eriksen Lodge. One of his co-workers was up there for work and ended up having to leave earlier than expected, so he called Josh and we got to have a free night's stay...score!

The view right outside our room from the balcony, so pretty!

Haven & Josh swimming. She actually likes the pool!

I also got a pedicure on Saturday and Josh built some more shelves for me in the garage. I've been working on cleaning our garage for a few days now, so this should help me out! He also let me sleep in Sunday, made me breakfast, did the dishes and let me take a nap - so nice!
I'm so very blessed to be a Mom to these two precious girls, and to experience motherhood everyday. 
Hope all you Mom's had a great Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Little JJ ( Josh Junior) as I like to call her, had her first pig tails done today! They are very tiny piggies, but piggies nonetheless. What babies have piggies at 4 months old? Mine do!!

Also, this cute little bug rolled over yesterday! 

Also, Alli had her first slushy of the season from those slush stands that are on the side of the road everywhere. She lives for those things, and so do I a little bit- especially with cream on top =) Yay for slush stands!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little Curb Appeal

Josh re-did some things in our front yard last weekend and it looks WAY better. We had neglected it for quite some time, so it was very much needed!
Here are some before and afters...

This is the island before..pretty ghetto, I'm a little embarrassed =)

and after, much better

Side Bushes before..Nasty, dead and large AND they attracted wasps like crazy!

Side bushes after...they're a little small now but supposed to grow like 3 feet

Good Job Hubby, proud of ya!