Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my man's birthday!!
He is 33, getting to be an old man =) I am going to write down 33 things that I love about him, which is really not hard to do!

1. He is a great Dad
2. His excitement for life
3. Still in pretty darn good shape
4. Is a good lookin' guy
5. He's a great help around the house
6. Works hard, plays hard..and relaxes hard =)
7. Thinks about others
8. Respectful
9. Wants the best for others
10. Gives me a ton of breaks and time alone which is awesome- what Mom doesn't need that!
11. Communicates well 
12. Tells great stories, very animated
13. ADORES his little girls, so sweet to them
14. Smart
15. Great personality
16. Fun to be around
17. Spontaneous
18. Easy going
19. Gives me all reins to decorating, picking colors, etc which I love
20. Can cook up a great meal
21. Likes to learn & see new things
22. Loves to meet & chat with new people, even strangers. The guy can talk to anybody! He's got the gift of gab- perhaps that is why he's in sales =)
23. Talented
24. Loves the gospel
25. Get's Tan =)
26. Passionate outdoor lover
27. Fiercely devoted & faithful
28. Keeps in contact with friends/family
29. Always wants me to plan/do something fun for myself
30. Active- hiking, hunting, softball, golf etc
31. He loves me & understands me
32. Is a TEASER from way back
33. In his own words, he's a "lover not a hater"!

I asked Alli why she loves her Dad and this is what she said:

He takes me to big movies
He takes me to the stores
We love to dance
We go fishing
Give's me hugs

We love you sssoooo much!


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Ryan and Amber said...

Ah happy happy birthday "gosh". ;)