Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hogle Zoo

We went to the Zoo Saturday and it was perfect weather- not too hot & not too cold. Little did we know it was military day at the zoo so it was a little busy, but we still had fun.

We went to the bird show which was actually pretty cool. The birds come swooping down right over your heads, and when I say right over I mean like 6 inches!

Alli said her favorite animal was the Tiger. This tiger was huge, this picture totally does not do it justice.

Haven didn't make a peep the whole day and was happy as always, especially for pretty much missing her nap. She slept for like 30 minutes and that's it....sweet little angel she is.

Oh and let me tell you the best thing that happened to me...I got crapped on by a freaking bird!!! Whatever that's disgusting!!!! We were taking a break, having a drink and I was feeding Haven right by the side of a building when all of the sudden I felt thump on my head. I knew immediately it was a bird because it wasn't raining, and sure enough I felt my hair and there was a sticky white mess in my hair. Gross!!! It wasn't too much, but still =)  I immediately got in the shower as soon as we got home.

We had a fun day at the ZOO!! 

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Requel said...

So fun. We love the Zoo! Sorry about the bird! HA aha. That sucks. I got crapped on while walking one day. So sick!!