Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Alli got to play in the dirt and have multiple four wheeler rides and trips to the park. Haven got really spoiled being held a lot, now she thinks I need to hold her all day. 
Oh my goodness isn't that the cutest baby bum and cutest baby legs ever? Love it!

Alli & Grandpa on one of her many four-wheeler rides- this one on the "kid" wheeler.

Josh put together this huge doll house before we left and Alli was in doll house heaven!

Alli and I made a home made bird feeder. (pine cone, pb and bird seed) Your supposed to put peanut butter on the pine cone but we didn't have any so we put marshmallow creme on it =)

We also celebrated Wyatt's 7th Birthday with a "cowboy" themed party.

Outlaw Alli and the Blue Cupcake Girls (Sophia & Alli)

Alli panned for gold and found some!

We also went and visited my Grandma & Grandpa's gravesite

Oh and I watched the Bachelorette (of course) and I think Sean, Chris, Ryan & Arie are cutest so far =)  
Alessandro on the other hand was so weird and a little creepy, SO glad he's gone!
On another note, I almost have all my laundry done already- yay for me!

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