Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Little JJ ( Josh Junior) as I like to call her, had her first pig tails done today! They are very tiny piggies, but piggies nonetheless. What babies have piggies at 4 months old? Mine do!!

Also, this cute little bug rolled over yesterday! 

Also, Alli had her first slushy of the season from those slush stands that are on the side of the road everywhere. She lives for those things, and so do I a little bit- especially with cream on top =) Yay for slush stands!


Ryan and Amber said...

I dig the pigs! So cute!

Requel said...

So cute!! I haven't seen any shaved ice stands around here yet. But we have been loving slurpee's from 7 elven!!

April Leydsman Mason said...

ok so it has been so long since I have checked your blog. Im in shock at how big Haven is. She does look just like a Sutherland. She is adorable. Both of your girls are so dang cute.

Lindsay said...

She is way cute!!! Brystol just got her first one and she is a year...and really i can barley see the hair sticking up when i do it! Shes still so bald!! Cant wait for you guys to come up in July!!