Friday, June 29, 2012

6 Months

Baby girl is a half a year old!!! Totally crazy. In fact, she had her doctor's appt today- right on the dot! She is a small little nutshell but as healthy as can be. 

25.5 inches tall ( in the 34th percentile)
14.37 lbs (18th percentile)
15.75 head circumference (5th percentile)

At six months she is eating pure baby food and likes almost everything we've given her, but she had some prunes today and wasn't a huge fan of those.

Army crawls and occasionally gets up on knees and arms likes she going to crawl

Still loves the bath and still sleeps great

Sits up without support, but not for long unless she's leaning forward on her hands

Getting hair "wings" as you can see below

Loves to watch her big sister

Love her to pieces, she is so sweet. 

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Ryan and Amber said...

Are you dying? Better have another - I will be needing a baby fix soon too so it's all you babe. She is so cute!