Friday, June 29, 2012


We've been busy around here with swim lessons, gymnastics, doctors appointments, pony camp, and random projects I've been doing. It's been a fun busy though. We also went to the Lehi rodeo and going to Lagoon tomorrow. It's been a little crazy- I'm ready to relax tonight!

 Alli just finished up her swim lessons at the af pool. She did great and loved it! I'm not gonna lie, I'm sort of glad they're over, tired of having 2-3 baths a day =) 

Here she is on her last day with her teacher, Adrianna.

I signed Alli up for Little Boots Pony Camp. This little 2 day camp was ADORABLE! I heard about it through her gymnastics place and I knew I had to sign her up. She loves anything with ponies or horses. It was 2 hours each day and they had 3 different stations. One was just riding the ponies/horses, one was for snacks and face painting and the other was for games and activities. By the end she was totally covered it dirt and she had a blast. On the last day she told us she wants a horse of her own.

Haven was introduced to the Ipad! Alli loves it too, her favorite app so far is the easy bake app. She can whip up and decorate some cupcakes in no time! 

This is where Haven prefers to take nap in her crib!

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The Brindley's said...

That pony camp is sooo cute! I can't believe how fast Haven is growing. She is adorable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my little girl will have hair like that! Love it!