Monday, June 11, 2012


We made Alli's favorite cupcakes this morning- none other than her favorite- Rainbow Chip with Rainbow chip frosting! My sweet girl loves sweets!

I put together our Summer Bucket List for this year. I thought maybe if I wrote it down, we will actually do every single one =)

Summer Bucket List 2012!

Trip to Fire Department
Star Gazing in back of truck- or sleep in back of truck
Nature Scavenger Hunt (could do while camping)
Science experiments (from pinterest)
Make personalized Alphabet book (pics for every letter)
Go to a Lowe’s kid project
Refinish kitchen cabinets
Make Homemade Pizza 
Go Rollerskating
Neptune Park in Saratoga, we still haven't been there!
Make a tent/fort & sleep in it
Have Lemonade Stand
Drive-In Movie
Sweet’s Candy Factory Tour
BYU Museum of Art
Eagle Mountain Splash Pad
Lots of the usual swimming, back yard swimming, water balloon fights, splash pads, etc
Use our Pass of all Passes a lot (Trafalga, 7 peaks, Owlz games)

For those who still blog and for the 3 of you who read this blog, do you have any other fun ideas for us?! Fill me in.


Ryan and Amber said...

That is quite possibly my fav pic of miss alli ever.

Cami said...

LOVE your summer bucket list! wish we were there this summer to help you check off a few :)
p.s. i still look at your blog:) i am recommitting myself this summer to get caught up on mine!
have a great summer doing all these fun activities!