Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to this handsome Fella...our man of the house, fun loving daddy & husband the great! We are very appreciative of him and all he does for our family. He was a good sport to obey my command and pose for some Father's Day pictures before church in front of the rose bushes =) We love you so much!

Some of the things I admirer about the man of our house....

* He is positive, when I'm negative he quickly recognizes it and turns things around for me
*Honors his priesthood
* Supportive in pretty much anything I wanna do
* That he can let loose and be silly

Speaking of Father's Day, I will admit to something.... we actually celebrated Father's Day LAST Sunday. Yep we sure did!! I print off calendars from my computer for my fridge and this particular calendar DID NOT list the holidays on it. I totally thought it was last weekend and Josh apparently did too, because he didn't say anything! I called my Dad to wish him a happy Fathers day and he ever so kindly said "Thanks, but you're one week early," and I could hear my Mom chuckling in the background. Aw well...Josh just got to celebrate Father's Day twice! He's totally used to my air headedness by now =)

Also Happy Father's Day to My Dad. Growing up he and my Mom took my siblings and I with them pretty much everywhere they went. Now that I have kids, looking back that was probably a hard thing to do and not always the funnest, but they always made sacrifices and put us first. He took us on lots of fun places like business trips/hotel stays, to dinner at nice places where most people would not even risk taking their kids, jazz games, and some not so fun places like to clean grandma's house, or do some kind of service project for someone, etc. Not that those things weren't fun, but you get my drift. I even remember going visiting teaching and helping move some furniture for a woman with him when he was a bishop. He took me to a lot of different places where I could learn from lot of different experiences in life, and have fun while doing it. I very rarely stayed home. 
I'm grateful for these experiences because they taught me manners, how to meet and talk to people, responsibility (like to not loose the room key and be ready by certain times ), the value of hard work and to see how other people live. Mostly it taught me that they love us and only want the best for us. There is lots of other things I'm grateful for about my Dad, but that is one thing I was thinking about this weekend.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's out there!


Ryan and Amber said...

Aw cute pics and such true words about daddy-o.

Cami said...

sweet pictures!! your girls are darling.