Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Saturday

Last Saturday we went to Seven Peaks in the morning and then to the Bee's game that night. 
It was quite the eventful day and we were all exhausted by the end, but it was super fun!

It was Alli's first time ever at 7 peaks and she was loving all of the slides.

Haven was so chill and did not make a peep! She hung out like this most of the time. She and I went floating around lazy river and she loved that. She is not afraid to get in the water!

We got free tickets to the Bee's Game from our bank so we went with one of Josh's friends and his two girls. It was a gorgeous night- perfect for a baseball game. Haven would not fall asleep though! We took our stroller and Josh and I both did some laps around the field hoping she would fall asleep but nope! I guess she just wanted to be part of the action =) We stayed for the firework show after and Haven LOVED them, did not even flinch the entire time! In fact she was so relaxed, probably because it was WAY past her bed time. Either way, it surprised us because Alli was so scared of them for a couple years.

Alli, Braeley and Sophie

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Ryan and Amber said...

You guys are hard core. I might have melted and killed pver