Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweets Candy Tour

We visited the Sweets Candy Factory the other day with our friends, the Lewis's.
It was short & sweet- perfect for kids and adults alike! We saw all the different areas of the factory and got some sweet samples along the way. We also got to rock these awesome hair nets =)

I couldn't hear our tour girl that well, but I did learn a couple things...

Jelly Beans are colorless and flavorless until they go into these huge bowls and get coated with syrup, sugar and flavoring over and over until they have a thick outer coating. 

Swedish Fish and Cinnamon Bears are coated in cornstarch because it makes them come out easier from their molds and it helps hold their shape 

You better believe I picked up some cinnamon bears & orange sticks. Alli got herself some candy corn =)

It was a fun little outing at the candy factory! 

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