Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Events

We had quite an eventful weekend traveling all over the place. 
Josh went on a little trip to Colorado with some of his buddies from work, where they attended a Rockies game.

The crazy bunch....Greg, Kevin, James, Bob & Josh

I went to Richfield and hung out with my parents Friday. Alli played outside most of the time in her whale pool that she had been begging me to dig out of the garage.

Standing by some of Grandma's Beautiful flowers

Alli talking on the phone to Daddy

We then drove down to Cedar to go to our nephew Parker's baptism. Alli had a blast with her cousins and I had the best slushy at the Tiki good, I highly recommend it! If you've ever been to Bahama Bucks in Arizona, it's kinda like that. It has super soft ice and delicious cream that you can put on top. 

This pic is of Parker is from like 2 1/2 year ago...I totally did not snap any pics so I'm waiting on some updated pics

 I stayed in Cedar until Sunday morning and then went drove back to Richfield for a few hours. It's so nice to break up a long drive by yourself with 2 kids, and of course my Mom had a delicious meal waiting for us...she is the best. Grandpa rocked Haven to sleep and then they took a nap together while we played outside. 

Today was quite the day too. I got my tooth extracted...the one that I've had not 1 but 2 root canals done on. When I had my retreat on it back in December it had a huge abscess and tons of infection. To make a long story short, the infection never really went away, so they had no choice but to take it out. So today I had an extraction and bone graft done, and now have a huge gap in the bottom left of my mouth and it feels so weird. I have to go back in October after everything has healed to get the actual implant, then after another 4 months I finally get a crown on. Who knew extractions & implants were such a process! Wow, I so hope I don't have to go back to the dentist for a really long time after this (other than cleanings of course)!

Anywho, I'm going to go watch the Bachelorette now that I recorded and enjoy myself some soft food and then get knocked out by some pain killers =)

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Ryan and Amber said...

I am sooo sorry bout your tooth. Ugh makes me cringe