Monday, July 30, 2012

Haven 7 Months

Baby Haven turned 7 months yesterday...she's getting so big! Here are some facts about our sweet 7 month old lately....

She's ticklish under chin and on her upper thighs
Has the prettiest big blue eyes
Is getting one tooth on the bottom, and hasn't been too fussy at all!
Can army crawl everywhere and she is fast! 
She is a growler. So funny to listen to her!
Loves to much on baby mum mum 
Loves peek-a-boo
She is super strong
Loves to hear you sing to her
Loves to watch TV
Laughs more and more
Loves to swim, yay!

She is very chill, happy girl!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Jenny Jump Up

Haven loves to jump around in her Jenny Jump Up! Not the Johnny Jump Up, but the Jenny Jump cute is that?! 

I love all of her different faces! She kills me.

Friday, July 27, 2012


We went on our annual camping trip to Accord Lakes with Josh's family for a few days. We had a lot of fun four-wheeling, shooting skeet, eating dutch oven, and eating lots of treats. All the kids ran wild woods, got super dirty, went on tons of rides, did a scavenger hunt, collected snails and did some crafts. 
We got rained on for about 3 hours one day, but other than that it was nice. We had a good time!

On one of the many four wheeler excursions

Kobey running through the pouring rain

Love those big blue eyes

Staying Dry

Dutch oven dinner!

The guys played Annie Oakley

Josh trying to do a sad face because he lost to Danny
All the women getting ready to shoot em' up- I hit one!

Grandma JoAnne with the babies...Avery, Haven and Madeline

Alli and Peyton on a drive

Haven had a little nap under the quakie tree

Coming in from a ride with Grandpa Laine

Alli and Peyton came in saying "Rollercoaster!" They were laughing the whole time

 Alli swinging

 All the littles...Madeline, Avery, Dillon, Alli, Kobey, Zach, Peyton, Parker and Haven

Cute babies


She can put out a good stink-eye =)
Doing crafts with the kiddos

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Entertainment

Oh my heck I feel like I haven't blogged forever, but really it's only been like a week! I feel like I'm way behind! We've been doing a lot but I have been bad about taking pictures, so I'll just sum it up in words instead with a few pics here and there.

We have been taking lots of trips to Sonic for some delicious Ocean Water, it's our new favorite. I told Alli that Mermaids drink it and now she loves it...shocker!

We've had numerous trips to the park and also checked out Neptune park. It's different, but fun!

We went to 7-peaks again- this time with my friend Chelsea and her two kids. Alli went down the big "no tube" slide by herself over and over.

Made Hobo dinners at Wines Park in Lehi. It's pretty much our favorite park of all time.

Attending story time at the library. It's cheesy sometimes but Alli LOVES it, so we go.

Alli's been playing with her usual neighborhood gang which consists of Alli Cannon and Allison every day.

Went to Lagoon with my family and all little kiddos. It was so hot and fun, minus the fact that my sister spotted my first gray hair....EEWWW!!! Are you kidding me?! Maybe it was standing in line for the ride "wicked" that gave me my very first gray hair because that ride is nuts. Either way, I felt a tiny bit old for the very first time. Thanks a lot for that Amb.

I repainted our shutters on our house, they were looking pretty faded. Last time I used regular paint and it didn't last too long, so this time I spray painted them...we'll see if the regular paint or spray paint lasts longer! I did a primer, then paint, then protectant on top, so I'm hoping they'll stay good for a long time!

I attended my 10 Year Reunion a couple weeks ago. 10 Years...Wow!! It was fun to reunite with classmates I haven't seen in years. Here is me and a few of my high school besties.

I re-finished both or our bathroom vanity cabinets awhile ago using the Rustoleum Transformation Cabinet Kit. It was actually really fun and it wasn't that hard to do and kind of fun! I like the way they turned out, I'll have to post some pics soon. My next project is the kitchen cabinets, I just need to buckle down and do it! I want to do get it done before Haven is super mobile =) She can now sit up completely without support and army crawl all over the place.

Lately, I've been into spray painting things. I've bought a few things from DI and have re-done them like a couple frames, a lamp and working on a nightstand for Haven's room. I follow the tutorials on THIS blog. She seems like she knows what she's doing, so I try to follow her suggestions most of the time =) 

Laundry. Uggh!! I have been doing loads and loads of laundry. I know everyone does laundry but I swear I do a freakin ton!!! Dang laundry...HATE laundry.

Alli and Josh have been to several Owlz games together. She is so lucky to have such a good Dad to take her places all the time. This time they went with his friend Shawn and his little boy Lincoln . These are phone pics so they're not super great.

Mostly we've just been enjoying summer. It's going by so quickly!

Monday, July 9, 2012

6 Month Photoshoot

We took Haven out to snap some pics since she is half a year...definitely something worth taking pictures for! Alli was my good helper and Haven was my sweet little model. She did good despite the sun being in her eyes. Her hair is crazy but we love her for it, and she's is so happy!
Here's to a half a year!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th!


Cute Cousins

 Love those squishy legs!

 The "princess" float

 Richfield's finest come out for this event ha ha =) It's quite the sight.

Alli with her fish! She was so brave this year and was so proud of her fish she caught with her bare hands!

This has become a 4th of July tradition, kids and all! We totally forgot our suits, but that didn't stop Josh.....

Do you love this look or what?!! We were all dying!! He wore my Dad's old super short swim suit- then you add the pink floaty and the 2 year old life jacket. It's a stellar look for Josh don't ya think?! I thought he looked like a European tourist ha! What a good sport, it definitely made for some good laughs =)

Carrie on the little sea-doo floaty =)

 Brandon and Sophia

 Wyatt held his own!

 Amber and her boys

 Alli was not happy on the knee board so we had to do a little switch with Sophia...this pic cracks me up 

Now with Uncle Brandon in the Kayak...much happier!

Carrie and Sophia

Piled in the back of the truck

This is how Alli looked at the end of the day. Um ya, it was time for a bath!

Poor Haven was exhausted she fell asleep mid bottle

Afterwards we had a BBQ, ate home made ice cream and watched the firework show. I love the 4th of July.
 Happy Birthday America!