Monday, July 30, 2012

Haven 7 Months

Baby Haven turned 7 months yesterday...she's getting so big! Here are some facts about our sweet 7 month old lately....

She's ticklish under chin and on her upper thighs
Has the prettiest big blue eyes
Is getting one tooth on the bottom, and hasn't been too fussy at all!
Can army crawl everywhere and she is fast! 
She is a growler. So funny to listen to her!
Loves to much on baby mum mum 
Loves peek-a-boo
She is super strong
Loves to hear you sing to her
Loves to watch TV
Laughs more and more
Loves to swim, yay!

She is very chill, happy girl!


Ryan and Amber said...

Oh! A Tooth! I love little tiny teeth! I better come see it!

The Penney's said...

Man...7 months? I can't believe that. She is still as cute as ever! I love her "Jenny Jump Up". I wish they made those for adults!