Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 Months

Haven turned 8 months old today. Time needs to stop for just a little while because it's going by WAY too fast.

Haven at 8 Months
Love mashed potatoes, just like her Mom!
Favorite baby food right now is sweet potatoes, squash and pears
Has 2 teeth on the bottom
Chews on anything and everything
Still army crawling but beginning to pull herself up onto things
Happy as ever!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Puppy Love

Meet our new puppy Sammy!

Josh got a new puppy last week and Alli's been having a blast with it. The neighbor kids have been loving it as well...we literally had 8 kids in our back yard the other day. She is an English Pointer and offspring of our other dog Woody. I like the puppy stage, but then they grow up to be dogs =( We now have three dogs- Woody, Sadie & Sammy...WAY too many for my liking but I just go with it because my hubby is an obsessed bird dog lover so I don't have a lot of say in the matter. Really, it's not too bad though because I don't take care of them, i don't feed them, train them, etc. Plus, if it gets too much, we can always sell it. 

 This is Haven checking out the new pup for the first time, and yes she may have enjoyed herself a blue sucker beforehand =)

These are just a few random pics...

Pretty baby with the big blue eyes

Alli  playing more soccer! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

She Plays Soccer!

Alli had her first soccer game Saturday and she did awesome! She is the only girl on her team but is not afraid to get in there and get aggressive. She is good at getting the ball down the field and is pretty fast! I was impressed with her athleticism, especially for not really knowing what's going on. Go Alli!
Oh and do you not love her pose? This is her signature pose lately =)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Alli went with Josh to one of his softball games last week and got bit by like 10 mosquitoes...all on her forehead and a couple on her leg. Doesn't sound like that big of deal right? WRONG!  The poor girl had a major reaction to them and her face and eye got super swollen. It was so sad/funny to look at her! We were a little worried, so we called her pediatrician office and the nurse said to just watch it and give her some Benadryl. Luckily she wasn't in pain at all, and the swelling went down after about 3 days. 
I read online that mosquito bites tend to swell really bad for children if their immune system has not had enough incidents of being bitten to defend against the saliva that mosquitoes ingest during their feeding (biting), so I'm thinking that was the case with her. Or it could be the fact that she had so many bites in one small area. Either way, we're glad her face and eye are back to normal!! 

First night, after the softball game. Not too bad, just looked like she had a big goose egg on her forehead.

Following morning...pretty bad- her eye was like half the size it normally is, and the space in between her eyes was so big =(

 It was completely back to normal the day after this.

A Quick Update

I am refinishing our kitchen cabinets. They are all taken down right right now and have been "deglossed." I'm just waiting on a paint sprayer that I ordered online. Excited to get them done and hopefully they turn out good!

We went to a family reunion in Provo and then went swimming after...

Alli got her haircut a couple weeks ago at JCPenney's. She cut off a good 6 inches! It looks nice and healthy. They are doing free haircuts the whole month of August in honor of back to school season. It's supposed to be K- 6th grade, but she totally looks like a Kindergartner =)

Haven. Just because this is the sweetest little face in the sweetest little pajamas ever!

Josh and I went practice shooting with my new Muzzleloader gun. For those of you who don't know, I drew the Boulder Elk Muzzleloader big deal =)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Haven loves to watch THIS video. She watches it most nights before she goes to bed. The camera was a little bit of distraction this time, but usually she is glued to the computer and laughs a lot throughout it. It's still pretty cute though. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy 6 Years!

WAY back in the day, before we were married at Lake Powell

Josh and I celebrated our 6 year Anniversary last Saturday, August 4th. We went to dinner and a movie, our favorite =) It doesn't matter what we're doing, I still just love hanging out with him.
It has been an adventurous 6 years that have flown by! Time flies when your having fun and especially with two kids! 
Really though, I love being married to this guy and we have the best time. Through good times and bad, there is nobody else I'd rather be with. I'm grateful for all that he does for me and our little family. Plus, he is the best Dad! Alli can't wait for him to get home from work everyday.

Happy Six Years, I love you!