Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Quick Update

I am refinishing our kitchen cabinets. They are all taken down right right now and have been "deglossed." I'm just waiting on a paint sprayer that I ordered online. Excited to get them done and hopefully they turn out good!

We went to a family reunion in Provo and then went swimming after...

Alli got her haircut a couple weeks ago at JCPenney's. She cut off a good 6 inches! It looks nice and healthy. They are doing free haircuts the whole month of August in honor of back to school season. It's supposed to be K- 6th grade, but she totally looks like a Kindergartner =)

Haven. Just because this is the sweetest little face in the sweetest little pajamas ever!

Josh and I went practice shooting with my new Muzzleloader gun. For those of you who don't know, I drew the Boulder Elk Muzzleloader big deal =)

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Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing you and your cute family at the reunion!