Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Puppy Love

Meet our new puppy Sammy!

Josh got a new puppy last week and Alli's been having a blast with it. The neighbor kids have been loving it as well...we literally had 8 kids in our back yard the other day. She is an English Pointer and offspring of our other dog Woody. I like the puppy stage, but then they grow up to be dogs =( We now have three dogs- Woody, Sadie & Sammy...WAY too many for my liking but I just go with it because my hubby is an obsessed bird dog lover so I don't have a lot of say in the matter. Really, it's not too bad though because I don't take care of them, i don't feed them, train them, etc. Plus, if it gets too much, we can always sell it. 

 This is Haven checking out the new pup for the first time, and yes she may have enjoyed herself a blue sucker beforehand =)

These are just a few random pics...

Pretty baby with the big blue eyes

Alli  playing more soccer! 

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Ryan and Amber said...

The boys are in love with Sammy. We got out the suitcases today to pack for grampas red house and they asked if Sammy was coming. Lol