Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Pictures

We finally got our family photos updated since we had Haven who is now almost 10 months old! Geez time flys! But I purposely wanted to wait a little bit so I could also get Alli's 5 year old pictures taken and Haven's 9 month pictures at the same time...kill 3 birds with one stone ya know?!

Anyway, here's a few or maybe a lot... 

Alli- 5 Years Old

HAVEN- 91/2 Months Old. 
Poor baby was sick earlier in the week & just getting over pink eye, so her left eye is a little sad, but she was still a cutie pie!

I love my little family and so glad to have them in my life. I have the best husband and the two cutest girls ever! They make my life complete.

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The Penney's said...

Awww...your pictures are just precious as ever... They could be on a magazine cover! :)

Looks like Allie had a killer 5th birthday party. Nice work Ash!