Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Misfit

Alli had her Christmas dance recital last weekend and she did a super great job! This girl LOVES being on stage. She got to watch the first part of the recital before her dance and she kept asking when it was her turn, she could not wait! She was front and center and looked so cute. They danced to "A couple of Misfits." Good job Alli! Once again, we're so proud of ya!

Alli with her teacher "Miss Kirsta"

 Santa came at the end and gave each dancer a Candy Cane

Haven bounced and danced on Grandma's lap pretty much the entire time...

1 comment:

Ryan and Amber said...

Do you think I could pull off the "fake freckles" look? Cause I am telling you they are ADORB on Miss Alli!

LOVE IT - Wish I could've been there!