Friday, December 21, 2012

Wrapping it Up

 We've been wrapping up Christmas shopping, going to Christmas programs, playing in the snow, watching Christmas movies, eating lots of treats, planning out our Christmas Eve meal, laughing with Haven, running way too many errands and counting down the days until Christmas! I am ready to relax and enjoy the holidays now that most everything is done.

This was last weekend when we actually got some snow! Alli made a snowman and we also went to Kangaroo Zoo and played with cousins for hours! 

Alli had her preschool Christmas program where she sung her little heart out. She had a speaking part too, and spoke right up. She was one of the few kids that I could actually understand! I've said it before, but my girl loves to perform! She also got to see Santa one more time!

Grandpa Carl came to watch her program since he was in town..always a treat!

Shorty moved up to level two in her jump-a-roo...wahoo!

Haven also loves to eat her baby lotion! It's so weird. Alli did the same thing. My two girls definitely do a lot of the same things!

Three more days until Santa's beard is complete! This little countdown has been Alli's favorite thing next to our Elf Stewie. Thank you pinterest.
Happy Holidays!!!

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