Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Years Old!!

Sweet Haven turned TWO years old December 29th. We went to Chuck E Cheese and went through 100 tokens in about 20 minutes, had some pizza and cake and even heard Chucky dance and sing ha ha. She loved it! It was the most non-stressful, easy party ever....the way birthday parties should be done. Thanks to all those that came and for all the gifts, she is one loved little girl! 

 We had to keep sticking a candle in there because she loves to blow them out and is so fast at doing it!

 She LOVED her barbie puppy!!

I think her birthday wish list was fulfilled, minus the balloons- Mom dropped the ball on that one ;)


Happy Holidays

 I'm finally recovering from Christmas Eve, Christmas, a trip down to Cedar and back and Haven't 2nd birthday!  I finally have some time to sit down and look through the pictures! We have had a great Christmas break. For Christmas Eve we stayed home and my parents came up for the evening. It was fun to have them with us to celebrate! We had dinner, opened Christmas pajamas, talked about the nativity, and went for a ride to see the lights.


My Mom playing games with Alli while dinner gets ready

Christmas pajamas!

 We drove around and looked and lights, these are our favorites that we saw

Santa's cookies we had made earlier in the day with a bottle of coke and carrots for Rudolph. She was SO excited to hurry and get to bed!


Highlight of Christmas morning is the girls found out we were going to Disneyland!! They got some new luggage and inside was a minnie mouse balloon, a countdown and some beach toys. We are so excited, it's coming up quick! This is the only picture I have of all that, but there will be plenty of actual Disney pictures I'm sure so i don't feel so bad =)

We then drove to Cedar city to spend a couple days down there. Alli played with cousin Peyton a lot, we did a little after Christmas shopping, went to a movie and Josh went coyote hunting.

Angel the Snowman

The girls and I built a snowman on the 23rd because Alli thought Santa would love it and it would be easier for him to find out house. Haven mostly sat down and ate Oreos while Alli and I built our snowman, which she named Angel, and yes we wear tank tops in winter because it's "sssoo hot" according to Alli =)

Christmas Sunday

I love Christmas Sunday and getting my girls all decked out in their Christmas Sunday best! I also love the songs and spirit that is felt during the Christmas program. In all the excitement Christmas time brings, I hope my girls continue to know, feel and learn about the true meaning of Christmas each year.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Log Cabin

This year we decided to make a log cabin house instead of a gingerbread house. You can see this idea HERE. We kind of just winged it- Alli and I assembled it with a hot glue gun while Haven napped. We didn't have enough pretzel rods, so we used some other stuff too, but we finally got it all glued together! When Haven woke up they got to decorate it! It was a fun and delicious activity but it did take quite some time to make, and ours is pretty large! Here's the finished product....

We didn't finish the back and our elf Stewie stayed in our cabin one night!
 Pretty sure he loved it =)