Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Sugar

Alli and I made some home made Valentine's sugar cookies today while Haven napped. She has been bugging me all week to make them, so today was her lucky day! Her favorite part by far is putting on the "sparkles," aka sprinkles. Haven woke up to have a sweet little snack- lucky girl!
I love my two sweet girls.


Ryan and Amber said...

Thanks for the cookies. They were yum! That alli is a good cook! ;)

youngkinfam said...

YUM!!! Don't post stuff like that on here!!! Ugh, i guess now I have to go make me some. Thanks ash!

The Penney's said...

Looks delish! Making V-day cookies is also on my to-do list. ;) I love Alli's pics! Brecken does the same thing with our old camera. It's always so fun to see what they think is important to photograph!

OH...and P.S.-- Cade saw Josh at the SHOT show. Did he tell ya? Those boys and their toys huh??