Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blah Blah Blah...

January is my least favorite month, it's so LAME! We are so over this cold weather, it needs to get outta here NOW! Anyway, we've mostly just been hanging out indoors cause that's pretty much all we can do lately. 

We put our label maker to good use and made some labels for the toy organizer. Alli loved helping me find the letters we needed

This little gal has been loving Sesame Street..and I mean seriously look at those luscious little buns. Love em!

I just got some more pics of Alli a couple weeks ago from her photo shoot she did awhile back.. Loving this one.

I've been watching numerous shows and getting my weekly dose of reality TV.

Oh and I am now on Instagram! You can follow me if you so desire at ashleysuth13. Yep, I know I'm moving up in the world. I have a blog, facebook, pinterest, & insta. I'm pretty much a social media guru! ;) I'm just missing Twitter, but don't plan on using that any time soon =)

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Ryan and Amber said...

Listen here - January might be lame but Alli's rockin' label-makin' outfit is NOT! :) Love it. And when are you gonna come over and tell me what projects to get started on so I don't lose my shiz completely this January?