Thursday, January 3, 2013

The BEST stain remover

Alli left half of a red crayon in one of her pocket, which ended up staining a whole load of laundry that I had washed AND dried. I had little spots of red crayon everywhere. It was a nightmare. So i googled how to get crayon out of clothes and i saw this video on you tube about a lady that had the exact same problem. 
Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING!! It got ALL the crayon out. There was a few shirts I had to do it twice on, but after that the crayon was completely gone. I just followed the ladies directions in the video and it worked like a charm! I highly recommend getting it, especially if you have kids cause we all know how much kids stain things....and no this is not like a product review or sponsored review or anything like that, it's just me sharing how amazing this product is, and obviously how excited I got over it seeing how I'm blogging about it, but whatev. Go get will change your life! ;)

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Requel said...

Totally getting this!