Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cheer Camp and More!

Alli did a 2 day mini cheer camp with Westlake high school cheerleaders and had so much fun. I love that she loves to try new things! She got to do a little dance during half time, and sit in her own little section with the cheerleaders the entire game. Besides the fact that she fell down the stairs twice and Haven refused to sit still during the entire game, we had fun =)

Nice bum where ya from!! My cute rock climbers at Trafalga! Alli is really good- she goes super high and way fast! 

Sassy is her middle name. Alli Sassy Sutherland. 

We dressed Haven up in her Cinderella dress up and she LOVED it. It was so sweet and cute. She knew she was a little princess! 

Josh went Chukar hunting one weekend in Idaho with a friend. He now says he would move to Idaho in a heartbeat. 

This was way back in December at Josh's Christmas Party for work. We played poker for hours and we even won a couple things! I don't remember what they were, so obviously nothing too exciting.

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Ryan and Amber said...

Sassy IS her middle name. Cute little "Jazz Dancer" Ha Ha. And, Idaho? Dude, there ain't no place colder & windier - so good luck, girlie! :)