Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day

 I did a "heart attack" on both my girls doors and on our bathroom mirror for Josh
I put up one heart each day in February until Valentine's Day.

 Alli got the Pretty Pretty Princess game! I had this game when I was little, and my Mom still has it at her hosue. She has to play it every time we go down there, so we decided to just get it for her.

I got this cute new purse. I've been carrying around a diaper bag for the past year, so I decided it was time for a regular purse again! I also got some new pants and sunglasses. Josh got some stuff from Cabelas...shocker! =)

I love Valentine's day. How could you not love to celebrate love and have an excuse to eat chocolate all day?! Hope you get to celebrate your Valentine's day with someone you care about. I have a hot date scheduled with my hubby tonight!


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Ryan and Amber said...

Hot date, huh? You are way cooler than us. We have a heart shaped pizza and memories of a Tuesday night date for the evening! LOVE the purse!