Monday, March 11, 2013

Mental Block

I have totally had a mental block with shopping for clothes at Walmart for pretty much my whole life. I guess I was kind of spoiled that way. We pretty much shopped at the two choices we had growing up, Christensens and Maurices, or we would drive up to mall in Provo.
However, I think it's safe to say that my mental block with Walmart had somewhat been broken! I've bought a few things for Alli recently that are pretty cute! For example, THESE colored skinny jeans for girls. We got the yellow ones and they're super cute! We also got THIS "high-low" dress that is adorable with a denim jacket over it. Alli's always telling me she wants to wear her "high-low" dress, it's hilarious. Oh and those plain white shirts that are just gonna get stained anyway...I'm all over those for $3.50. I haven't really shopped much in the women's department, that will probably take me a little longer to try, but I'm not afraid! =) 
Don't get me wrong, I love to wait for a good sale at the Gap. Their pant prints, colors, comfort and fit are amazing, but I'm just saying I'm not afraid to buy something from Walmart that stands out to me. My new rule is simple, if it's cute it's cute and I don't care where it came from. Are you proud of me? Do you shop at Walmart?
Oh and p.s. I still think Target has got it going on in ALL departments =) I will always be a fan of target.


Ryan and Amber said...

Girl - FINALLY! I seriously get a ton of boys t shirts at wally because A - They will get stained and B - They are CHEAP! And may I hear a "hells ya" for me, because I got my polka dot skinny jeans at WALLY WORLD! Oh Yes I did. For $11.00. The End.

The Brindley's said...

I love this post!! I was the same way growing up, but after having two dirty boys that ruin shirts so fast, I became a Wal Mart fan. I kinda dont really let them wear their Wal Mart stuff to school....maybe I will grow out of that too. Oh and I really think that the new Kimano dresses and all their Bella Bird dress clothes. I haven't boughten any yet, but I do think they are cute. Wal Mart may just have it going on lol!