Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Serious Skills

Little Darlin' Alli is so athletic and talented. She pretty much picks up on anything she tries very quickly.The Hula Hoop is no exception. She is the best hula girl I've ever seen! She even inspired my sister to start practicing up on the old hula hoop awhile back which you can read about here.

 It was so beautiful today finally, so we were out enjoying the sunshine. I snapped a few pics of my hula hooper, who so happened to have a small little audience watching. I loved how the school bus drove by and she just kept going, or how she would fix her hair and sunglasses, and carry on a conversation with her girlfriends all while hooping it up like it was no big deal! Professional multi-tasker makes it look so easy every time! I love the sass, and hot pink aviators too- I'm sure that only kicks up the groove a notch =) I love that she's so bold and fun.

Everyone, please join me in a round of applause in welcoming none other than Alli...the amazing five year old Hula Hooper!!!!!!


Ryan and Amber said...

Geez - just when I think I'm picking up my game and I start to feel awesome about myself, Miss Thang shows me up again! I LOVE it! Sassy little minx! :)

Ryan and Amber said...

P.S. I totally don't know how to add a link like you did. so 1. Teach me and 2. How did you get so rad?

The Sutherland Family said...

It's so easy. Call me next time you wanna do a link and I'll provide you with step by step instructions! I've always been know that. :)