Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snip Snip

So as you can see, Haven got some bangs cut courtesy of Alli, the master stylist =)
I mean I guess it was bound to happen. I had just bought her a new pair of scissors earlier that same day and she had been "practicing"on her style head that she got for Christmas. So naturally the next best thing was to practice on a real live person right?! Yep, and sadly poor Haven got to be her first real victim!
Not only did she cut Haven's hair, but she cut a little bit of her own hair too! Hers was not very noticeable, but enough that I could tell. Haven's on the other hand, had a big chunk taken out front and center that was definitely noticeable!  She cut the part that was always in her eyes when her hair wasn't done. She told me she was just trying to help by getting it out of her eyes ha ha. Makes sense i guess. Note to self: Always do Haven's hair so Alli does not cut it =) 
 Anyway, so now when I try to do Haven's hair up or do pigtails it's just not as cute- but, the good news is that hair grows back pretty quickly and my girls have a ton of it. I'm just glad she only cut some in the front and not the entire head! Oh, and she tried to hide the evidence by putting the hair under the TV stand. What a girl.


Ryan and Amber said...

Good thing little Miss Haves is such a still little customer and no eyes or cheeks were damaged during this cut. :) She still looks adorable, hair cut or not!

The Penney's said...

OH my! It is bound to, sounds like your girls got it over with and now you can move on. :)

P.S. What is the secret to beatiful, long, thick hair? Your girls are SO lucky!

P.P.S I'm just waiting for the day Braylee cuts her own hair. She loves haircuts and asks for them often.