Monday, April 29, 2013

16 Months

Haven is 16 months TODAY! She has started talking A LOT, mostly jibberish that I don't understand, but talking nonetheless. She says, Thank You, says Alli's name, points to her nose, loves slides, loves to explore, still loves to cuddle, loves to drink bathwater (disgusting), is the worst at church right now & LOVES the outdoors. She will go get something out of the pantry and bring it to you if she wants to eat it =) She is super smart. She has 8 teeth with two on the way. 
We love you sweet Haven!

Dinner at the Park

We are loving the nice weather we've been having! We took a little trip to the park last weekend to make ourselves some tinfoil dinners! We love doing this and it's become a new favorite activity to do as a family. We go to Wine's Park in Lehi- it's a good one. Kids can play while dinner is cooking, Josh can be the grill master, there is no dishes for me when it's all over and they always turn out so yummy! It's a win win for everyone! Haven was definitely entertaining during dinner. I'll let the pictures do the talking =) much hamburger do you think she can get in your mouth?

 Why eat your watermelon, when you can just squeeze it to death?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A break

We went down to St. George for a few days and it was SO nice! We left Wednesday night, stayed in Cedar that night and then woke up Thursday morning and drove to St. George with no kids! Thanks to G & G Sutherland, they stayed in Cedar City while we went and played for a couple days. Who doesn't love to have a break from your kids every once in awhile? 
While we were there Josh played in annual golf tournament that he goes to with my Dad. They golf for two days straight. While he was golfing, I went to many stores alone with no kids nagging at me, which was heaven. I also went to Swig at least 4 times...and let me just say if you have not been there you need to go. It's just so good an cute. I love it and I'm totally hooked on the dirty dr. pepper and their sugar cookies! I also went to Orange Peel every morning and got a smoothie, and it's awesome too. I met up with some of my friends from high school at a park, relaxed in the sun, took a nap, went shopping, went for walks, basically just did whatever and it was so nice.
Josh and I together went to the movies, which bytheway we've seen 42 and Oblivion recently and I LOVED 42- it's such a great show. We also walked around the temple grounds, lots of eating and a little bit of sleeping in! On Saturday Josh's parents and sister came down and brought the girls back to us, and then we went to lunch, went to the St. George Carousel and swimming. We had so much fun, can't wait to go back! Also, thanks to my parents for letting us stay in their beautiful home, it's so nice to have somewhere to stay.
Until next time.....

Region 9 Amateur All Age Runner Up

A few weeks ago Josh took his dog Woody up to the Region 9 Amateur All Age Championship in Payette, Idaho and took runner up, which is a pretty big deal! He was pretty thrilled. He absolutely loves to train his dogs and take them out to hunt Chukars. He puts in A LOT of time (thanks to a very patient wife) and effort into them, so this was a big accomplishment for both him and Woody. I'm happy for him and glad all his hard work paid off! Way to go Josh and Woody, proud of ya! 

Josh, his scout Doug, and Woody. I guess the scouts always hold the dog in the pics.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Play Dough Kind of Morning

A couple days ago I made some homemade play dough for the girls, which is so much better than store bought! We used THIS recipe and it was awesome and super soft! Haven loved it for about 30 seconds and then she just wanted to climb on the table, make faces and watch big sis. Alli on the other hand played for a good half hour. We had a great time, squishing, rolling, cutting and making play dough snakes and pancakes =)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bathtime and Airplanes

There is just something about bath pictures that I love. They are so genuine, sweet and real and I can't get enough! Those gorgeous eyes, lashes and skin always seem to get even more stunning during bath time. All I know is that I have beautiful girls and I am so lucky! Love them sssooo much and I'm honored to be their Mom.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Caught in the act

I caught Alli playing in my makeup today. She is always sneaking in my bathroom and playing with my makeup on a weekly basis. She's a total girl who loves to explore and try out girly things! She has actually gotten pretty good at putting on mascara! She must be watching a pro ;)
Each time i catch her I tell her she's way too young to wear makeup, and that she doesn't need any makeup because she's already beautiful without it, and that we only wear it at dance recitals :) Every time I say this she just says "but Mom, I just like it!" 
On a serious note- I hope that we can & are instilling in her that she knows she is precious and beautiful no matter what, with or without makeup. I think she already knows this because she always tells me that she loves herself, and I'm SO glad she loves herself! I love her so much. From the lyrics of a Taylor Swift song...."Oh darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, just stay this little." I don't want my little girl to grow up!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a little hectic because we have 9 am church. So we woke up a little earlier to go see what the Easter bunny left and then hurried and got ready for church. After church we tried to go fly Alli's new kite and then went and rolled our Easter eggs. I love all the stuff that goes along with Easter but mostly i love that we get to remember the true meaning of Easter, and the wonderful event that took place that special day. Happy Easter!

So dirty so quick


I took some pics of the girls a few days before Sunday because I knew it would be crazy. It was so cold the day we took them. I had a totally different picture in my head of how I wanted them to turn out but oh well. Here's a few that we got.