Friday, April 12, 2013

Play Dough Kind of Morning

A couple days ago I made some homemade play dough for the girls, which is so much better than store bought! We used THIS recipe and it was awesome and super soft! Haven loved it for about 30 seconds and then she just wanted to climb on the table, make faces and watch big sis. Alli on the other hand played for a good half hour. We had a great time, squishing, rolling, cutting and making play dough snakes and pancakes =)


Ryan and Amber said...

Um - that last pic of Haven is an Ace Face if I ever did know one! It's kind of tripping me out!

And I soooo know about the romance of bath time. SLAYS ME DEAD every single night.


The Penney's said...

Ash....thanks for sharing the PlayDoh recipe. We just made it the other day and it worked like a charm! Crazy how it goes from super liquid to mushy ball. I guess that's chemistry for ya?

The Sutherland Family said...

Chels of course! Hope you liked it as much as we did!