Sunday, May 5, 2013

She's Got IT...

This girl has got the it factor. I mean seriously, she's got style, grace, confidence, a little bit of attitude, swag, beauty...she's just got it all! She did the Tulip Princess Pageant at Thanksgiving Point this year and did so great! She looked like a pro walking down the little stage. We didn't practice or anything, I just told her to do whatever she wants and she did awesome. She ended up winning Best Smile out of 48 girls. It's not a serious pageant by any means, but she loved being a princess for the afternoon. She got her hair done, a little makeup and a glitter tattoo. Any time she can strut her stuff, she's all about it. We just love her sassy little self, and we are so dang proud of her! Thanks to Grandma G, Aunt Amber, baby Ace and of course Daddy & Haven for coming to support the princess!
Way to go Alli, you rocked! 

 Getting her glitter tattoo, and she fell off her bike a couple days before and got a huge bump on her head & shoulder =(

It was such a gorgeous day!

Alli, Ace and Grandma G

Making her way down...even holding her dress and hand out like a true princess. SO cute! I loved every second of it.

On the rare moments that we could actually get her to watch, she would clap and clap for all the contestants.


The Brindley's said...

How fun and cute is that. She really does have it all!

Ryan and Amber said...

Oh my gosh she rocked their socks off for sure! I died smiling at her that morning! Little Princess!