Saturday, June 1, 2013

17 Months

Sweet Havie Baby turned 17 months on May 29th! Here's a few thing about this cute girl that I can think of at the moment....
She loves to blow bubbles int he bath water
Likes pears, watermelon, hot dogs, ketchup, beans, applesauce and cheese
Learning animal sounds
Walks on her tip toes a lot 
Love to push things
8 teeth with 4 molars coming in and you couldn't even tell. My kids teethe so well, how lucky am I?
She is still the giggliest, happy little thing. She loves to just walk around, explore, laugh and be her sweet little self, except when Alli tries to take something she's playing with then watch out! She's got a little feisty streak in her too we've learned =)
We love you Haven!

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