Saturday, June 29, 2013

18 Month photo session gone wrong....

I went to Your Photo Studio to take Haven's 18 Month pictures. If you haven't heard about it, they have the backgrounds, lighting, props just show up and take pictures!  Little did I know, we would NOT have a great experience! The minute we walked in, Haven saw a 4th of July Teddy Bear that we were not planning to use for our session. I hadn't even gotten the background set up and she was all over it, and was NOT letting go. Tears were streaming already and I hadn't even started. make a long story short, here's our 18 month photos that are pretty much of her throwing a temper tantrum the entire time. Some are with the blasted teddy bear, some are without. It's hilarious and sad at the same time, but i think it does display this age so well...happy one moment, throwing a tantrum the next. SO, in that sense, we sorta nailed it i guess!
 For your viewing pleasure, I would like to introduce Haven- the teddy bear lover, spoiled, naughty, tantrum throwing 18 month old. Thanks for 30 minutes of pure chaos and stress....I love you anyway. If you scroll to the bottom, we did actually get a few happyish ones =)

 The Few Good Happier ones we got...

Blurry but cute

A few tips I learned from this adventure:

1. Have a friend or someone else take the pictures, because your kids know how to push your buttons
2. Photo Studio needs to put all props tucked away in a cabinet or something so kids are tempted 
3. Bring a towel, cause you'll be sweating profusely if you're like me
4. I think it would be awesome for older children, toddlers not so much (at least mine)


Ryan and Amber said...

I am literally laughing out loud! She is such a little sassy one... she probably needed her BFF "baby" sitter Acey to entertain her while her mama sweated her guts out. Hilarious!

The Penney's said...

OH...that is classic! I had the same experience my lil' sassy pants Braylee when I took her pictures at that age. I think you did get some good ones though.

P.S. What's wrong with the 4th of July teddy? LOL!