Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day was fun this year. Alli's dance recital was the day before so we had Grandma & Grandpa Sutherland up for the weekend! It was fun to have them up- they took us to dinner and then Josh and I went to the movie with FREE babysitters- so nice! We're not used to that, so it was a treat for us =) We of course went to church Sunday and then made tin-foil dinners at a park afterward. I'm grateful for the good Dad that Josh is to our girls, they are very lucky.

Josh and his Dad 

How funny are these pictures? Josh literally woke up 10 minutes before we left for church and he was blinded by the light. do men get away with stuff like this?! 

Oh, and part of our tree had broken off a few days before, so Josh and his Dad cut down some pieces. This tree has gotten SO big, I kind of want to just cut the whole thing down. I'm just glad it didn't fall in a window or something!

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Sarah said...

Your daughters are just beautiful!