Saturday, June 1, 2013


Josh wanted to go fishing with us for his birthday. So we headed up to Tibble Fork Reservoir up American Fork Canyon on Memorial Day weekend....duh, what were we thinking! There were people everywhere  and we caught zero fish, but we still made the best of it and had fun. We're just glad he had a Happy Birthday! We're grateful for all he does for out little family and I'm grateful for the great Dad that he is to our girls. He's so great, and we all love him.

Haven was OBSESSED with these people's dog. She kept going over there, and then they would give her doritos. Dogs and Doritos, it was a win win!

 This face...

Alli tickling her toes =)

Alli was excited when they had one on the line, but then it got away...

 Typical Alli

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Ryan and Amber said...

That fiesty streak in Haven coming out was on a matter of time.... geez, they get all big and wise and know that they can throw a little fit and get their way! :)

AND can't believe you braved the canyon on a holiday weekend. You were SERIOUSLY going to go fishing!