Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Dirty Dash

Me, my sister and sister-in-law headed up to Soldier Hollow this past weekend to run the DirtyDash 5K. I had heard about it from a few peeps and saw a few pictures, so I knew it was gonna be a good time. It was more of an obstacle course then a run...DIRTY, slippery, gross and muddy yes, but oh so fun! My favorite part was the water slide because you didn't have to run =) I also loved the music blaring throughout the whole course to keep you going. The pictures pretty much do the talking, but seriously if you haven't done the dirty dash at least once you totally should! Everyone needs to get a little muddy once in awhile and live a little! There is one coming up in the Fall, so those of you who live in Utah, sign up! It's worth it =) 

Our team name was "The Dirty Devilettes" Here we are before and then after below...

Josh and my brother also came up to watch and take care of the kiddos. Thanks to them for supporting and helping out! I'm not sure they knew quite what to think of all of it =)


Ryan and Amber said...

Love Loved Loved It!!! So fun! Plus, no one can see if you peed your pants a little or your face is the shade of a tomatoe! :)

The Penney's said... are one dirty girl! ;) That race looks like a blast. I'm adding that to my bucket list!