Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Puppy Love

Our dog Sadie had nine puppies recently! They are so cute and the girls love them. In fact, that's probably and understatement...they ADORE them! I think puppies are adorable as well, but it will be nice when they're all gone. The dog hair, the poop, the puppy smell, the food, the whole mess I could do without. But I know they aren't little for long so I'm letting my girls enjoy them while they can before they're sold and they start biting =)

Timpanogas Cave

Last weekend we hiked up to the Timpanogas Cave as a family. It was my first time going through them and they're pretty cool! So it's a 1.5 mile hike up and it's uphill the entire time, and a lot harder than I was expecting! We made quite a few snack/water breaks for Alli, but overall did awesome! It was hot on the way up, and then on our way down it was nice and cool and about to rain. Haven was in the backpack the entire time so she was loving it. The cave itself it's 45 degrees so it felt great to be in there. Living in beautiful Utah, I think my family definitely need to go on more hikes! There are so many all around, so this will probably not be our last. I misplaced our camera when we got to the top, so sadly I did not get any pics of cave, but then afterward someone had found it and left it on our pack. Props to honest, kind people.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life via my phone

So i like Instagram and taking pics on my phone because it's quick and easy, yet you can still have the memory associated with the picture. I like blogging for various reasons and instagram for certain reasons. However, my blogging enthusiasm is dwindling so we'll see how long i can keep it going! Here's a small glimpse of life through my phone in no particular order. Of course i have a million pics on my phone. I need to make a book out of the pictures on my phone! 

Horse rides with cousins...this is Wyatt and Haven

Just looking cute at one of Alli's T-ball games

Alli's first game of T-ball!

 Dropping Dad off at the airport and she bawled like a baby for about 5 minutes

 Requested "curls and barbie lipstick" this day

  Alli and I had a date at Thanksgiving Point

 Swim Lessons 

 Sadie had 9 puppies!

 I had the WORST allergies this day =(

 Splash Park

She helped me make muddy buddies, and those things are like crack 

 Alli sold lemonade

 Girl time. Eating and shopping with Alli

 Provo Beach Resort Carosuel

 Lowe's Xtreme Air in Provo, SO fun! We will be going back

Cheesin it...literally

 At the Lehi Roundup Rodeo!! We love it

 At JouJou Toy Store at the Grand America

 Her bangs are slicked back, usually in her face since Alli cut them!

 My living room was spotless for a few moments...what?! That never happens, so i HAD to capture that

Visiting our friends that moved-we miss them! {Alli & Bella}

 Haven found a pool just her size on the 4th of July

Alli and Kael with some sparklers while i was babysitting