Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Kindergartner

Well, the day has come. Our first born has gone off to Kindergarten. She has waited for this day for a long time and she was SO excited! She was up and dressed at 7 am! It was a tough morning for me. I was fine until she waved goodbye on the bus, and then I got tears in my eyes. Then I got in my car and started to bawl....and drove to the school to watch her get out of the bus and walk to class. It was a good 10 minutes of crying. Whew, it's like a dagger to the heart! But I think I'm going to make it and I know she is so ready and will absolutely love Kindergarten and making new friends. I'm excited for her new adventure.
We love you Alli and we are so very proud of you.

This was last night at the Kindergarten Open House where she got to meet her teacher. She was so excited all day...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School Photoshoot

My sister and I decided on a whim to do an impromptu back-to-school photo session for our kids that are going back to school (pre-k and kindergarten). Aren't we like the best Mom's ever?! I know, I know! ;) Alli's first day isn't until tomorrow but it seems like I'm always rushing and stressing on the first day to get her ready, eat breakfast and get some "first day" pictures, so I'm so glad we did these. Of course, I'll still be snapping some photos on the real first day too. But for now, just look how cute my little Kindergartner is. I mean really...and that's all I'm gonna talk about it today or else I'll get sad. 
Until tomorrow.........

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun in the Sun

I've been trying to squeeze in some last summer trips to water-parks, pools, etc before Alli starts Kindergarten next week!!! It crept up on us sooner than we'd like, but I think we finally got our bases covered with 7-peaks, splash pads, the classic water park and city pools. I will say that I loved the Classic Fun Center because there were no long lines like 7 Peaks, and that right there is worth it! We will be hitting it up more next year for sure. 

Fresh Air

 We went down to Bicknell about a week ago. It's been forever since we've been down! We hung out with the fam, had dutch oven potatoes & chicken, went to the Loa fair parade, looked for antelope, rode horses in the pasture, Josh trained his dogs and rode his horse on the mountain. Alli learned to ride to the kid four-wheeler all by herself!  It was a fun little trip- we love going down to beautiful Wayne county to escape the city and get some fresh mountain air!

 Alli riding one of my brothers horses

Uncle Brandon with Haven

7 Years

Josh and I celebrated SEVEN years on August 4th. We did our favorite thing....dinner, movie and U-swirl! The last seven years have gone by too fast. I'm so happy to share my life with such great guy that I love more each year. "Seven year itch??" Nope, no itch here!


Alli played T-ball this summer for the first time, and did great! There was another girl on her team that she got along with really well- in fact they were the only two girls! Sometimes, I'm mean a lot of the time they would get a little distracted dancing and playing during the games. It was pretty funny to watch =) I think she liked it a lot better than soccer. Once again, we thought she was the fastest runner on the team! Maybe she'll be a track star?! Glad she could try it out, we'll see what she wants to do again next time.

Sunday Evening

Every Sunday we usually go on a walk, a drive, or a horse ride. This particular Sunday, it was a ride on Mark around the pasture with Daddy.....so cute!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We went on a retreat with Josh's work to Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was absolutely gorgeous! The drive through parts of Idaho and into Wyoming was beautiful and The Grand Teton National Park is AMAZING. Jackson itself is such a cool town too! I hadn't been since I was super little, so I didn't really remember any of it. We took Alli along with us and left busy little Haven with my Mom and Dad, where I'm sure she had fun. We went River Rafting on the snake river, which Alli did with us and she did awesome! We did not fall in one time luckily. That night we stayed at the Colter Bay Campground and the good news is we did not get attacked by a bear. We were in bear central! They had bear proof trashcans and a locked shed to put your food in. I'm not going to lie, both Alli and I were a titch scared to sleep in the tent, but we managed to survive ;) All in all, we had a great time. It was good to meet most of the people Josh works with, and lay our eyes on some new BEAUTIFUL scenery.
Thank You Friendemic!

 Ready to go River Rafting, she was SO excited!

 The Snake River

 The famous Jackson picture

 Kacey and Alli were the only two kids there...she had a blast! 

The campfire
Photo Credit: Friendemic Facebook Page

Josh was in charge of the bacon and eggs

 Alli was obsessed with this dog"Tosh." He is Josh's co-workers dog  and she was literally walking him around and playing with him most of the trip. Thank goodness he was there, she was so entertained!

She also liked "Ekker" the white dog too =)

The Grand Tetons
Photo Credit: Friendemic FB Page

Here's a couple of Alli's photo's that she took in the backseat...I sort of love them- very insightful!