Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School Photoshoot

My sister and I decided on a whim to do an impromptu back-to-school photo session for our kids that are going back to school (pre-k and kindergarten). Aren't we like the best Mom's ever?! I know, I know! ;) Alli's first day isn't until tomorrow but it seems like I'm always rushing and stressing on the first day to get her ready, eat breakfast and get some "first day" pictures, so I'm so glad we did these. Of course, I'll still be snapping some photos on the real first day too. But for now, just look how cute my little Kindergartner is. I mean really...and that's all I'm gonna talk about it today or else I'll get sad. 
Until tomorrow.........

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Ryan and Amber said...

Ahhh so cute. You're gonna love the ones I post too. Geez, we really outdid ourselves! GOOD LUCK tomorrow!