Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We went on a retreat with Josh's work to Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was absolutely gorgeous! The drive through parts of Idaho and into Wyoming was beautiful and The Grand Teton National Park is AMAZING. Jackson itself is such a cool town too! I hadn't been since I was super little, so I didn't really remember any of it. We took Alli along with us and left busy little Haven with my Mom and Dad, where I'm sure she had fun. We went River Rafting on the snake river, which Alli did with us and she did awesome! We did not fall in one time luckily. That night we stayed at the Colter Bay Campground and the good news is we did not get attacked by a bear. We were in bear central! They had bear proof trashcans and a locked shed to put your food in. I'm not going to lie, both Alli and I were a titch scared to sleep in the tent, but we managed to survive ;) All in all, we had a great time. It was good to meet most of the people Josh works with, and lay our eyes on some new BEAUTIFUL scenery.
Thank You Friendemic!

 Ready to go River Rafting, she was SO excited!

 The Snake River

 The famous Jackson picture

 Kacey and Alli were the only two kids there...she had a blast! 

The campfire
Photo Credit: Friendemic Facebook Page

Josh was in charge of the bacon and eggs

 Alli was obsessed with this dog"Tosh." He is Josh's co-workers dog  and she was literally walking him around and playing with him most of the trip. Thank goodness he was there, she was so entertained!

She also liked "Ekker" the white dog too =)

The Grand Tetons
Photo Credit: Friendemic FB Page

Here's a couple of Alli's photo's that she took in the backseat...I sort of love them- very insightful!

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Ryan and Amber said...

She looks like she was in Heaven with ALL the attention in the world just on her! Glad you had a good trip and we could all spend time with Havie baby. Don't worry, Acey loves her so much he shoves her to the ground like a chump. Little turkey.