Monday, September 30, 2013

21 Months

Our little sweetie is now 21 Months! 

She has THE sweetest little voice and gives the best hugs
Has to have her soft blankets and stuffed animals
LOVES real live animals too!
Loves yogurt parfaits from McDonald's, apples, fries & cheese
Says most of the basic animal sounds
 15 teeth
She could watch all the videos on my phone all day if i let her
Only drinks from sippy cups & real cups now
Still a thumb sucker 
Great sleeper
A little more on the cautious side than Alli was, but will still willing to try new things
Loves Barney & Mickey Mouse

School Picture

Alli got her school pictures back today and they turned out so cute! I've seen and heard of horrific experiences and outcomes with school pictures so I guess I'll call myself lucky! However, I wasn't expecting anything less from our kindergarten beauty.

She Rides

Alli has been slowly learning how to ride Grandpa's little red four-wheeler the last few times we've gone to Bicknell. She's getting better and better each time. She still needs some practice, but practice makes perfect!
Go Alli!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nightstand Redo

I bought Alli this nightstand at the DI a couple years ago. We painted it white just with spray paint. It seemed to be fine for about a year and then the paint started flaking off and she spilled water on it so it was in need of a redo. I wanted to give her room a little more color- her bedding has a little bit of blue on it so we ventured out to Walmart to find the perfect color of blue paint to match. Spray paint was out because none of them were the perfect blue we were looking for. We ended up with a quart of "Clear Blue Bottle," by the ColorPlace brand.
 I read a few "how to paint furniture" tutorials on pinterest and just followed those. First we sanded it down, cleaned it off, then primed it with this spray primer twice with sanding in between and after each coat. I also like the Kilz brand primer too but they were out of it at my local Walmart. Next, we painted  two coats of the blue with our paint sprayer. After it was completely dry, we put a clear protective top coat on it to hopefully protect it from water spills and scratches. Then we put her old hardware back on and that's it! It turned out pretty cute, and we're hoping it lasts longer. Alli loves it and calls it her "cotton candy blue" nightstand. We don't love this lamp color so just ignore it =)

Girls Weekend

Me and some of my girlfriends from high school went on our annual girls trip recently! This year we spent a couple days in downtown Salt Lake City. We stayed at the Little America, went shopping at City Creek, got massages at Massage Envy, ate out, snacked, visited into the wee hours of the night, and had a baby shower for McCall. We always have a great time and it's nice to get caught up with each other. I'm so impressed that we've kept this up year after year with everyone's crazy schedules and kids. Go us!

 Front: Chelsea, Lindsey, Jennie, Mckenzie 
Back: Cami, Katy, Me
Missing McCall in this photo

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures done last week and it was SO windy! The lighting was perfect but the wind was out of control. We had canceled the week before due to rain and wind, so I wasn't about to cancel again, get ready again etc so we just went with it. We ended up doing a mini session instead of a full because the wind kept getting worse. I was thinking we weren't going to get any good ones, but the incredibly talented Heather Telford managed to pull it off! =)  I love that Josh cooperates with these family pictures each year with no complaints. In fact, he said "I  know it makes you happy." What a keeper. Love my little family so much, they are my everything. 

I love this one of Josh but not me!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We went down to Cedar City to celebrate Josh's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We're glad we got to celebrate such a great milestone in their life with them, that is A LOT of years! They are such sweet people. We had family pictures at SUU and then had a catered dinner at the church. The next day we went to their church, had dinner at their house and spent the day with family and extended family. 

My girls with their only great-grandparents!

Gordon & RaeDawn

Josh and his Grandma

Dillon, Haven, Kobe and Jordan

The Sutherland clan- Josh's whole family

Just the women

All of the grand-daughters with their Grandma

 Alli and Peyton

Haven loved Kyzer!

Peyton, Alli and Ashlin